Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Whole Nother Level

Taking the Game Changer to a whole nother level.
So as some of yall have seen my curly tail clousers using the tail of a rubber grub to add lots of motion to a clouser. So why stop there. I had Pat Cohen tie me up some of his big Game Changers. They are over 8 inches and tied with 2 Partridge Predator X hooks. So I got them in the mail today and this is what I did.

So I had Pat tie me up some of his Game Changers. I told him to just have the 
material flow freely about an inch past the last shank. Normally he makes
a real pretty tail to put on them. So The bottom fly is how Pat 
sent them to me and the top fly is with the curly tail, that 
willbe shown how to attach in the next few steps. 

 So this little screw is called a spiral lock. You can find them in the 
bass fishing section of most major sporting goods stores. 
They hook into the eye of the hook and then screw into 
soft plastics so that they last longer while fishing.
We are going to use it for the same thing.

Put your game changer in the vise

Use a clip to fold back the fibers and keep them
out of the why.

Attach the spiral lock to the last Blane Chocklett 
big game shank. 

Use some thread to lock it down. I'm using
GSP for toothy fish and then adding 
some super glue.

Take you a grub, these are 8" offshore grubs.
Cut the body off so your left with just 
enough tail to screw into the plastic.

I am a little concerned that the 8" grub tails will over power the fly.
I'll find out this weekend. If they do I'll replace it with a 6" grub tail. 
These flies are about 12" with the tail. 


  1. NICE! Definitely looks like a winner.

  2. Casey
    Absolute awesome flies, that I will have to try. Pat is the ultimate in fly tying and anything this guys ties up is quality. The spots on my home lake would kill this fly. I am bookmarking this post for a future order; looking forward on a status report on these flies. Thanks for sharing

  3. I like it.
    Thank you