Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Go Getter

So here is a fly I've been working on. The concept behind the fly is that I wanted a fly with a lot of movement and also pushed a lot of water. Over all I am very happy with it. I have caught a lot of bass on it so far this spring. It is a good mid sized streamer that is roughly 4" and is very easy and quick to tie. It doesn't have any flash for a reason, but you can easily add some if you'd like. I have a lot of flies with flash in them but wanted a fly that was lacking flash because I believe on some days the fish aren't interested in a fly that is real flashy. Below is a full SBS, hope you enjoy. 

  "The Go Getter"

I am using a Gammy 2/0 SC-15 
Start your thread wraps.

Next tie in some ostrich herl about 1/8" from the eye.
You'll want to use more than less because once
ostrich gets wet it becomes very string like.

Palmer one strand of marabou.

Wrap and tie off.

Not only did Blane Chocklett hit a home run with the Game Changer.
He hit it out of the park with his Big Game Shanks.

I'm using the 28mm shank.

Tie in some lead eyes, you can play around with the size 
depending on how much of a sink rate you want.
I'm going for a slow sink rate.

Tie in some deer hair.

All the way up the shank and tie off.

Trim up and shape the head.

Give it a try, I think you'll like the way it fishes.


  1. Killer looking fly man! I suck when it comes to spinning deer hair but I'm going to have to give this one a try anyway. Won't be as good looking as yours but hopefully the fish won't mind.

  2. Looks interesting. So this one will kind of suspend subsurface and is weighted to sink rather than float back up, right? thanks

  3. Thanks Steve, this fly has a slow sink rate of a few inches a second. You can make it faster by adding heavier eyes or slower by not putting lead eyes on it.

    HPFF, you don't really have to spin the hair on this fly. Just tie it down so that it flares out, then just trim it up.