Friday, July 1, 2016

Summer Gill'n

Didn't have long to fish today but got a quick hour in this morning. Didn't catch many fish but did catch some quality gills and a really nice green sunfish. The green sunfish didn't allow me to get a good picture of him before he flopped out my hand and back in the water. Gills 2 & 3 had really nice coloring. It is starting to get hot and we will soon be among-st the dog days of summer.  


  1. Hi, Casey. Really looks like you are getting some great Bluegillin' done this season. Those are Bluegills us guys up in Colorado dream about. Thanks for sharing and happy to be back reading your blog posts after a blogging hiatus for me.

    1. Thanks Mel, I'll hopefully be headed to Colorado soon to chase some trout.