Friday, July 22, 2016

Summer Gill'n

Lets talk about flies. A fly that I use a lot is super simple to tie and only requires four materials; thread, hook, bead and marabou. You can add some flash if you like as well. This fly catches a lot of fish for me. Best colors seem to be olive followed by chartreuse and white. With marabou available in any color imaginable you can tie this fly in any color. I tie it on a 90 degree jig hook but it can easily be tied on a standard hook or some of the newer 60 degree jig hooks that seem to be the hot hook on the market lately.

This fly is tied on a size #10 Mustad jig hook (32833)
Slide on a bead of choice. 

Wrap you thread on the hook shank and make sure 
you build up the thread wraps to prevent
the bead from sliding down the hook. 

Tie in the marabou with a tail about 2/3 to 3/4 the
 length of the hook shank.

Snip off the loose marabou. 
You can add a couple strands of flash 
at this time if you'd like. 

Wrap the marabou up the hook shank and tie off. 

Whip finish and your done. 

Keep It Super Simple


  1. Now, Casey, that is exactly my type of fly to tie. I thrive on Kiss type flies. This fly is so simple to tie as you describe and I am sure the bluegill give them a work out. How do the marabou bodies hold up? No rib.......... Of course when they are that simple to tie a rib probably doesn't matter.

  2. It holds up pretty well Mel. However its not the most durable fly, a dozen-dozen and a half fish and its going to start falling apart. You can easily add some wire ribbing to it if you like. Once the fly starts falling apart I just switch it out with a new one. Then just recycle the hook and bead by cutting off the old marabou.

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and methods.... Makes sense too me.