Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Colorado; Day 1


Today started off catching a flight to Colorado, getting the rent car, stopping by the fly shop for license and flies and getting on the river before noon. The fishing started off a little slow, to be expected for mid day with a high sun. By mid afternoon a small storm was brewing to the west. It blocked the intense sun and the fish started to turn on. The storm stayed to the west all afternoon. I was catching almost all my fish on a gray RS2 in size 18-20. A few fish would eat my top fly which was a pheasant tail. Out of nowhere the fish turned on and I was hooking up with fish on almost every drift. It was crazy how the fish just went into a feeding frenzy. I was looking around for a hatch but didn't see anything in the air or coming off the water. I soon realized I had some geese 50-60 yards up stream of me feeding in the shoal. Their rooting and digging in the moss and river bed must have been stirring up the insect life. Most frown on the San Juan shuffle, but hey this was an all natural occurrence creating some spectacular fishing. I saw my backing 4 times through the course of the afternoon. I don't think I landed any of those fish. Not much you can do with a big fish and small hooks. Once that much line gets out it creates to much drag causing those small hooks to pull out of a trouts soft mouth. It sure was fun hearing the drag scream as these fish made their run down river. Still plenty of nice healthy fish being brought to the net for a quick photo before being sent back on their way.       

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