Friday, August 12, 2016

Summer Gill'n

Is it just me or do most folks have the GoPro curse like me. My plan today was to go back and fish the same creek I fished last week and get some good video with the GoPro. It seems like anytime I have the GoPro filming the fishing is dead and absolutely nothing cool happens. The second  I turn it off I start catching fish. I must have filmed 30 minutes of footage today with no fish or even a bump. The fishing was pretty much over before I even got to the water today. Storms from the past few days had the water stirred up. The water was up a little, not enough to really hurt the fishing, but the water was fairly muddy. I was hoping with the water being up it would have the baitfish stirred around and the bass would be chasing them along the banks. I didn't see any activity like that today. The fishing was tough, but I don't mind that as  I normally appreciate days the fish make you work for them. I likely tried a dozen or so flies today and couldn't get the fish to key in on any fly or particular pattern. I was finally able to start picking up a few fish on a small nymph pattern. I was fishing it like you would fish a wet fly on the swing. I'd cast up stream at a 45 degree angle, let the fly dead drift, maybe twitch it on occasion, as the fly drifted down stream I slowly swung it across the current and then let it settle in the seams, give it a few more twitches and then repeat with a cast back up stream. The lesson I learned today was when your expecting the fishing to be tough, don't pull out the GoPro, your just making the day harder on yourself than it already is. 


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