Monday, August 15, 2016

POC; Day 2


Day two started off with a lot smoother run. We made our first stop about 50 miles out looking for some amberjack. They weren't really wanting to play today. Not sure what was going on, I think there may have been to many sharks around. I have noticed if there are a lot of sharks or flipper is around the fish really shut off. I think they know there place on the food chain and keep their distance. We caught some red snapper and got bite off by some sharks. I hooked into a African Pompano which is a new species for me, unfortunately he was bit in half before being brought up from the depths. Scott caught a hammerhead shark. Likely one of the few people who can say they've caught one on a fly rod out of Texas. He was pretty stoked about that; we all were. Defiantly a fish he won't forget anytime soon. We also went to some rigs and Scott caught a barracuda, I got bit off my one. On the way back in we stopped at some shrimp boats and Scott caught a bonito. The catching was a little slower today but still a good day of fishing.  

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