Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Morning Bass'n

I went with Robert this morning to some of his ponds down in the northern part of the hill country. We arrived before daylight and did some night fishing with top water poppers. I was throwing a black pole dancer and caught 1 decent fish before the sunrise. The fishing was kinda slow but we we both caught several nice bass. Robert hooked up with a big fish for a few moments but the hook ended up pulling. Over all it was a great day exceptional since the morning started out in the 60s. Thats pretty much unheard of for July weather in Texas.

Robert hooked up with a big fish.

Fiesty Fish!

Robert with one of many nice fish caught this morning.

Jay Zimmermans' Texas Ringworm Fly works great on largemouth. Here's a tip. Notice the bullet weight on the leader. When I need to add some weight to get deep I will slide on a 1/16oz, 1/8oz, or an 1/4oz bullet weight to get my fly in the strike zone. I chose what weight I use depending on the conditions and the depth of the fish. This technique can be used on a lot of flies to add weight to get the fly down, but works particularly well with Zimmermans' Texas Ringworm.


  1. Nice bucketmouths...looks like a great day to me!!

  2. Casey
    Love to see those bass come out of water and tail walk. thanks for sharing

  3. Great tip on adding various sized bullet weights to get flies down to the appropriate depth.