Saturday, June 28, 2014


This morning started off early with the alarm going off at 3am. I got to the river with plenty of time to get to the holes I planned to fish, or so I thought. The river was pretty boney this morning. I've seen it low but it is really low right now. Even with the Mokai it took forever to get down river. I have been running this section for years and have never had to get out and pull the Mokai through so many shoals as I did today. Lots of places the Mokai was dragging bottom, which it only drafts a few inches empty. The fishing started of good with a couple nice smallmouth right off the bat on a crease fly. Then it pretty much just shut down, and then picked up rather nicely later in the morning. I fished the latest fly in the box and caught pretty much everything on it: Smallmouth, spotted bass, drum and the catfish really seemed to like it. The suckers are spawning on the shoals right now and the catfish are stacked up behind them eating eggs. I see the suckers often but haven't caught many of them. Wish there was a way to get them to take a fly more often because they put up an awesome fight. 

Nice Smallie on a crease fly.

This fish was probably 17" or so. 

Very fun fish, anyone know what species 
of sucker this is?

Does this count as 2 fish? Lol, Spotted bass still
digesting a perch.

This spotted bass took the new fly, notice the 
rain coming down. 

I've always enjoyed catching these fish. 
There actually kinda pretty. 


  1. Casey
    I really like the daylight fishing, I just wonder if 1 PM would have produced as well???? thanks for sharing

  2. I would bet that big shouldered Smallmouth put up a one heck of a battle. Great looking fish. Looks like the new pattern is a winner!!

  3. Thanks Guys, The smallies always fight good. Wish I had the gopro going when I hooked into the smallies, it would have made some great video.

    Bill with this Texas summer heat, i typically like to get started at daylight or a little bit before day light and end my fishing around 12-1pm. I've caught plenty of fish during the heat of the day, but during the summer time its just not really worth it to me.

  4. Fantastic stuff man. I think next weekend we might have to try to do a quick carp run.