Saturday, June 14, 2014

More than Carp on the Menu

Had a good morning at the lake today. Something I like to do when I go carp fishing is to get to the lake at daylight. Obviously there is not enough light to sight cast to carp but what you can do is work the edges of the flats for bass, bluegills and other game fish. You can throw your same carp flies or tie on something else while you wait for there to be enough light to start searching for carp. This morning I caught several giils, some small drum and catfish, a crappie and several bass including a dang nice bass on the 3wt. It was defiantly the best LMB I've caught on a 3wt. I throw a TFO Finesse 7-9" 3wt which is a sweet rod.

Didn't get a weight or measurement, 
probably 21-22" fish. 

Bucket Mouth

Yes she ate this little fly believe it or not. 

The carp fishing was pretty good considering partly cloudy conditions and a steady south wind. I think I ended with 4 carp and so did Justin. I got some pretty good video I will be putting together for a short action packed clip. Look for that coming in the next few days.

Calf deep mud, just part of Texas carp fishing. 

Zebra mussels just got into this lake. They attach themselves to everything, but I was surprised to see them on this freshwater clam.  

Short video coming soon!


  1. Casey
    I can hear the drag singing here with that LMB going south ----an unbelievable cast on the 3 wt. How long did it take you to land that monster? thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks Bill. The fish didn't take to long to land but defiantly but up a great fight. There were several Oh Shit moments when I thought she was going to bury herself in some hydrilla but luckily she stayed in open water. Came up and jumped twice before finally coming to hand. Defiantly a fish I couldn't be happier with considering the small fly she ate and the finesse rod I was using.