Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dub me some Duane Hada

If your not familiar with Duane Hada's Craft Fur Clouser, check out the video Dally's Ozark Flyfishers' put together.

Its a sweet fly and the craft fur gives it a ton of movement in the water. I wanted something with a little more meat and still swam hook point up. So this is what the vise was able to spit out tonight.

Start off just like any other clouser.

Next tie in your belly.

Take a pinch of ice dubbing and tie down behind the eyes.
You just secure the dubbing down right in the middle and fold back.
It only takes a few wraps, then advance your thread to in front of the eyes.

Tie in your back.

Next tie in another pinch of dubbing on the top and bottom of the hook shank.

Fold the dubbing back over its self.
Make a few wraps right behind the eye of the fly and tie off with a whip finish.
Hit the dubbing with a brush to blend and smooth it out.
Hope yall like it. 


  1. Nice looking fly...I'm gonna tie a few of those up for the local smallies.

  2. Casey, really like your pattern here. I like tying with Ice Dubbing so this is a natural. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Casey
    I agree the bigger body streamer is a bit more for the fish to see. The streamer is one pattern I need to try with the spots on our local lake here. Thanks for sharing

  4. Thanks guys, Glad yall like the fly.

  5. Thanks for the variation. I will give these a try.