Monday, June 2, 2014

Tiger Musky; Land of the Enchantment

Just got back from a quick but incredible fishing trip in New Mexico chasing Tiger Musky on the fly. With vertical "tiger" like strips; Tiger Muskies are a hybrid/cross between a male Northern pike and female Muskellunge. These sterile fish can grow up to 1.5 times as fast as a true Muskellunge. This is the first time I have had the opportunity to chase an Esox. I've caught a few chain pickerel in Texas but I don't think either one of those fish broke the 2 lb mark. These pickerel are in the Esox family but not exactly a muskellunge.

I got turned on to this lake a few years ago in New Mexico from a local fishing forum. I had plans to go chase these Tigers a few years ago but my plans fell through. I put this trip back together about 6 months ago with Fish Enchantment Guides. Speaking with head guide and owner Matt Pelletier about the fishery, looking at moon phases and getting clearance from the Queen of the house, I got a kitchen pass for a quick weekend trip. With Albuquerque being just an hour and a half flight from Dallas and Bluewater Lake being roughly 80 miles from the airport. It is the perfect fishery for a quick weekend trip. Also its only 2 hours from the San Juan if you want to mix in one of the best tailwater trout fisheries into your trip. Matt set me up with one of his guides David Goodrich. David has fished all over Colorado and New Mexico. He also runs Tumbleweed Fly and Tackle which is just a mile from Bluewater lake. Its a great place to stop by for the hottest fly patterns, current fishing report or some last minute supplies. Another great source of information and very important organization regarding the future of Tiger Musky in New Mexico is the New Mexico Muskie Inc.

Now on to the fishing. Musky are known as the fish of 10,000 cast. I don't know how many fish I had follow the fly to my feet and then just sit there looking at the fly. They were probably laughing at my pathetic attempts to fool them as they swam off into deeper water. David Goodrich did a great job of putting me on fish and teaching me everything he knew about Tiger Musky. They are an awesome fish and Bluewater lake is an awesome little fishery. Matt and David are top notch folks that I am glad to call friends. It is always nice when one goes fishing and walks away with new friends and memories that will last a life time. It is defiantly a place I will be back to and I couldn't recommend FE Guides enough.

Couldn't be happier with my first Tiger Musky.
Belly full of trout.

These teeth will cut 60lb mono like it was nothing. 

A 8" double deceiver engulfed.   

Musky #2

Always practice catch and release. 

David would rather see other people catch fish, but I made
him fish for a little bit with me. 

Bluewater lake sunset with the great divide in the 

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