Saturday, June 30, 2012

Carp'n An't Easy

Went to Ray Roberts this morning. There were carp everywhere this morning and the fishing was tough. The fish seemed to spook easily and didn't want to move far to get the fly. So if you put the fly right on the fish, more times than not you would spook them. The fish were also up in the grass and brush so it made getting good shots at them tough especially when they are so shallow and acting as skittish as they were today. Ended the day with 5 carp and 2 catfish. Ray Roberts probably has one of the best carp populations in the metroplex, however most the carp are not very big. The lake is loaded with 1-3 lb carp which makes it a fun fishery with light weight rods. I did break my 4weight TFO BVK today. There was no reason for the rod to break, there was very little pressure being applied to the carp and it was towards the end of the fight. I hate to say it but I am not impressed at all with the durability of the BVK. I love TFO and am a big fan of the company and have been very happy with the TICR and TICRX models. I have one of their 3weight Finesse series rod that I have routinely put more pressure on fish and it has not broken. I think the issue with the BVK is the quality of the graphite. The BVK is a light weight rod and I think for TFO to keep this rod priced low the quality of the graphite used is of lower standards. Sage, Loomis, Orvis and other high end rods that are in the same weight class (weight as in actually ounces not line weight) as the BVK cost $600+ for a reason, and I believe that reason is because of higher quality material with tighter quality control. Again TFO makes a great rod, I just don't know if I can recommend the BVK at this point. TFO does rate this rod very low on the spectrum for lifting power. I will go get it fixed this week and put it in the rod case ti'll i go chase some trout with 5x or 6x tippit.

I love all the deer up at Ray Roberts

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