Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gar Fly

Here is a fly I have tied up for targeting gar. It is 5.5" to 6.5" and has a treble hook to maximize your hook up/land ratio for gar. Unlike rope flies that typically only work on longnose gar, this fly will hook any gar (gator, longnose, spotted and shortnose).You will want to fish it with 18" of 30lb bite tippit to minimize any break offs due to their sharp teeth. In my experience gar like long white flies with a slow sink rate.

If anyone is interested I am selling these flies for $5 a piece. They are tied with high quality Gamakatsu hooks, GSP thread and every step is glued to maximize the life of this fly. It will hold up to many fish and it is also a great fly that will catch any other species of fish that feeds on baitfish. Please email me for more information


-Hook : Gamakatsu treble hook, size 2 or 4
-Thread : GSP 100
-Body : Bucktail
-Head : Pearl EZ body 1/2"
-Eyes : 3D eyes
-Fish-Skulls Articulated shanks 2 1/8"

This is a very easy to fly to tie.

Start off with 1 articulated shank and tie in the treble hook. Or the hook of your choice.

Tie in the bucktail; you can add flash during this step also if you like. I like to reverse tie it because I have found that to be the best way to secure the bucktail. I also recommend gluing each step of this fly with superglue. Since this fly is going to be used to chase gar, which have a mouth full of teeth it will help make the fly be more durable. I like the superglue that comes with the brush on applicator.

Next tie in the second articulated shank, and continue with the bucktail. You'll want to stop about a 1/4" from the eye.

Take the shanks out of the vise, and now you will want to tie in the pearl EZ body. Also tie this in reverse style.

Now by pushing the EZ body over itself you will create a cone shaped head. Tie it off and cut. Whipp finish and ass some head cement. Glue your eyes in and your done. 

Another variation with the fish skulls head. 

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  1. Clever fly. I'll make a few this weekend. Thanks for posting the tutorial. Bookmarked your blog. The Drake is full of rude idiots.

    Tom Hardy