Sunday, April 21, 2013


Caught a lot of nice bass this morning. Caught fish on a variety of flies: texas ringworm, clousers, Galloups butt monkey, decievers and one of my new favorite patterns, the kinky muddler. The bass are in good shape and starting to recover and put on some weight from the spawn. Looks like we had a good spawn this spring with lots of schools of fry swimming around the edges of the pond. Well be putting Tilapia in the pond again this year so the bass should just continue to grow and put on weight.


  1. I will be hitting you up real soon for a day out there and, if it is ok, get my dad out there so he can catch a few bass.

  2. heck ya man, just let me know when.

  3. Casey
    Nothing like landing bass on the fly when they are feeding heavy.