Saturday, April 27, 2013

City Limit Adventures

Google Earth is gold as my buddy Robert says. I was searching around on Google Earth and found a creek that flows into a nearby lake. It intrigued me enough to go check it out this morning. Its only a few minutes from the house but access is kind of difficult. One of my favorite things about fishing is going out and exploring new areas. I didn't see anyone else on this creek and that says a lot for a Saturday morning during the sand bass run especially being in the middle of the city. Overall the area had very little human traffic and seemed to be a little hidden gem. Not sure how many fish I caught but it was more than plenty. This was a good way to finish off this years sand bass run. Its not completely over yet, but the wife and I will be having our first baby Monday so I wont be getting out for several weeks.      

The fish were hungry this morning. 

Lots of small hybrids mixed it

Lots of variety today

Mr. or is that Miss beaver

The creek was full of spawning shad


  1. I tried the same thing on Sat but only found crowds of people. 1 short strike and two broke off. At least it was a nice day! Good luck on the delivery and Congrats!