Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Texas Coast

I fished Port O'Conner several years ago with Capt. Tom Horbey. Had a great time catching tailing red to 30", a big jack crevalle and saw a manta ray playing around at the end of the jetty. Tom put me on fish all day and did a good job of skirting around thunderstorms so we could stay out fishing. We caught almost all our reds on his "Horbey Spoon Fly". Several of the reds would turn around and come back to the fly to eat. The Jack ate a brightly colored deceiver, jacks are strong fish. It pulled Toms Stiify Exile poling skiff around like it was nothing. Tom is set up with top of the line gear, Sage rods and Tibor reels. We fished to rolling tarpon out at the jetties for a little bit but didn't have any bites. Had a great trip and Port O'conner is a fishy little town.

This manta ray was huge, probably 7-8' wingspan. 

Nice orange red

Watching this fish eat was awesome. He was coming around a weed patch and I stripped the fly out right in front of him and he bowed up and his gill plates flared open and inhaled the fly. All right at the bow of the boat. This happened back in August of 2007 and I still remember it clearly. 

Nice little red 

Seeing a school of these fish blow up on bait is unbelievable. 

Playing a red off the front of the skiff. 

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