Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Eating Crow

So I have to admit I normally don't have anything good to say about the creek I fished this morning. It is normally very crowded, and is always full of trash because there is a city dump just north of it. I haven't fished it in years because I don't really get any enjoyment out of fishing there due to the above mentioned. A buddy fished it earlier this week and did pretty good on the sandies, I had a few hours to spare this morning before I had to take care of some other responsibilities for the day and with this creek only being 15 minutes from the house I decided I would run over there and give it a try. We had a strong cold front move in last night so I figured the fishing would be slow. It took me an hour or so to figure out what the fish wanted but after that I was hooking up pretty consistently for the next hour. It was a cold morning for April standards here in Texas. So even though its not my favorite creek and I normally don't have anything good to say about  it, the fishing can be pretty good and the creek treated me well this morning.

Some little yellow bass 

 Mr Hybrid decided to show up

 The whites 

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