Saturday, April 6, 2013

Clear Water Bass'n

I spent a few hours today fishing the pond, the high winds made fishing difficult today. We haven't gotten a lot of rain this spring and the rain we have had has been soaked up by the ground so the there has been very little run off and the water is really clear. The bass are up shallow feeding and spawning. With the clear water I could see a lot of the hits, its always cool to be able to watch a fish come up and chase down and inhale your fly.

This is what happens when the wind blows a lot of slack in your flyline and you try to rod set the hook with a 3weight. Good thing TFO has a great warranty program. :)

There is only one thing to do. And that's to keep fishing. I put the reel in my pocket and kept fishing with the top portion of the rod. It actually casted really well and was a lot of fun to fish with. I ended up catching an additional 3-4 bass on the broken rod. 

I just bought a new line for my 10 weight that I wanted to see how it casted. I got the Outbound Short floating line and it cast like a dream. I see now why they call it Outbound, you can launch that line. Its not a line you want to take to a trout stream. It will be a great line for striping flies off the bank, pulling flies through the surf or any other situation where you are casting long distances and retrieving flies. The 10 weight was way to much rod for these 1-2 lb bass but I tied on a kinky muddler to see if I could catch something bigger and to see how this fly fishes. I caught several more bass on this sweet fly. It will be one of my new staples in the fly box. 

Overall it was a great day with alot of nice healthy bass brought to hand. The wind was brutal but that's to be expected this time of year. There where a few beds, but I think with the approaching full moon it should really kick the spawn into full gear on this pond. 


  1. Great article, great read. My only complaint is how you hold the fish. You'll break their jaw like that. Put less stress on the fish and hold them by the belly and the mouth. You probably already know that but if you catch and release all the time, you need to treat them as such. Sorry, for getting on your case....It's late and I'm at work. I really did enjoy the article(s).

    Sam (Stone's Flies)

  2. Long line trout set! Awesome man.

  3. Hello here in Puerto Rico fresh water fishing is s
    low, we do a lot of salt water