Sunday, May 19, 2013

Honey Combs

Bluegills begin spawning when water temperatures reach about 70°F. Spawning typically peaks in May and June, but will continue until water temperatures cool in the fall. Nests are created in shallow water, one to two feet in depth and typically gravel substrate is preferred. Fifty or more nests may be crowded into a small area, thus creating a spawning bed that looks like a giant honey comb.

I always like to use two flies, the first fly is a olive wooly bugger followed by a soft hackle like a red ass in a size 12-14 or 16. A lot of times if the fish isn't overly aggressive they will follow the wooly bugger and then turn and hit the soft hackle. Its also fun when you catch 2 fish at a time.

The best times to target bluegill is the week leading into the full moon. The fishing can be great anytime of the day, even in the middle of the day like today. I have found that the biggest of the bluegill, Gillzilla's, will move up onto the beds the evening or two before the full moon with the last hour of light and into the night can be very good. 


  1. Casey
    Awesome post on one fish I have come to appreciate, especially during the spawning season. I am in the middle of landing 100 super bull bluegill during the spawn-been at this quest for 3 years and haven't made it yet, this may be the year. By the way where did the ads come form at the top of your blog? Some appeared on my blog a couple of days ago. thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks Bill, I've been following your quest on your blog. A few weeks ago I had some ads appear on my blog, they were only showing up on my home computer. At work and on my phone there were no ads. I updated my virus software on my home computer and the ads disappeared. So you might want to do that same because currently there are no ads on my blog. Once the virus software was updated and ran it cleared my problem up.

  3. Casey
    I am still seeing the ads and now there are certain words in your post that have links ---my post is doing the same thing--I am contacting Google

  4. Love me some big bull gills!! It's about that time of year and after seeing those fish in your pics I'm ready to break out the 2-weight and start hitting some local ponds.

  5. Bill have you tried looking at the blog from another computer to see if the ads go away?

  6. Thanks HP, I'm hoping to have some pics of some real Bull Gills this weekend. :)

  7. Brother of hooks, Casey:
    Fishing fun.
    Good days to come.
    A hug Guarani, and ...
    An affectionate Sapukai. -
    p / d: The hope for my Blog. Another hug. -