Saturday, May 18, 2013

Flashy Flies

Kate and Bill Howe of Flashy Profile Flies tie some great patterns. I found them when I was doing some searching for some offshore flies for an upcoming trip this summer. I was looking for some large flies with plenty of flash and that were tied on premium high quality hooks. Several of these patterns will work great for some of my bass and striper fishing as well. All flies are hand tied by Bill and Kate Howe in Nevada and on Gamakatsu Hooks, no substitutions. They are a custom tying operation, and produce only their own patterns. It only took them a week to get me a couple dozen flies built to order. Their flies have caught over 4 dozen world record fish which is testimony enough to how great their patterns work. I look forward to putting these flies to use.

A great selection of flies. 

We had good luck with blue over white last year on the 
Texas coast.

Largemouth won't have any problem eating this fly.

I really like this fly.

Several tube flies in the mix. 

A great all around baitfish pattern. 

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  1. Casey...
    Thanks for the compliments! Just a couple old warhorses here trying to get by...
    Fish well!
    Kate and Bill Howe