Thursday, May 9, 2013


Everyone has that favorite rod in their arsenal, mine is my TFO TICR 5weight. It cast out a lot of line with minimal effort. It doesn't discriminate against floating, intermediate and sinking lines while casting each with ease. It has a great combination of lightness and sensitivity yet maintains plenty of backbone for fish fighting power. It was the first TFO flyrod I bought, I now own many TFO rods from their 3weight Finesse Series to their Bluewater Series. It is the rod I grab the majority of time and it defiantly has plenty of MOJO.
Below are some of the great fish I have been fortunate to catch on the TICR 5weight. 

Some Smallies

Some Exotics

Some Trash

21lb striper

     24 lb Striper


  1. The Bluewater Series is a fantastic set of rods. I love them and cant wait to use them again.

  2. when are we going to go chase some sails?

  3. Congratulations.
    I like too TFO fly rods. I use TFO.