Tuesday, May 21, 2013


So have you ever wondered why a 25 yard spool of tippet is pretty much the same cost as a 200 yard spool of line? I use to wonder the same thing and started researching the difference between tippet and a spool of line. I always use Seaguar flourocarbon because I think it is the best stuff on the market and I have had no complaints after years of use. So lets look at the graphs Seaguar has on their website.

Seaguar InvizX

Seaguar Grand Max FX Tippet

So if you compare the charts in relation to the diameter to the lb test, you will quickly see that with the more expensive tippet the diameter to lb test ratio is much better. The InvizX 4lb test is .007" diameter while the Grand Max FX tippet .007" diameter is 7 lb test. For the same diameter you are getting 3 lb more strength and that is what your paying for. As you move down the chart you see that the 17 lb InvizX has a diameter of .015" while the Grand Max FX tippet is over 25 lb test in the same .015" diameter.

Now personally I don't think it makes that much of a difference when it come to warm water or big game fishing when you are throwing large flies. However I do think it makes a difference when you are presenting small flies like #18, #20's and even smaller #22,#24, and #26 midges, BWO, and what not to large trout like on the San Juan. The San Juan and a number of other great trout streams across the country are known for being very technical fisheries were you typically throw small flies to relatively large fish. The smaller the diameter your tippet is the better these small flies can be presented naturally and the added lb test strength will result in fewer break offs and more fish to the net.

Just something to consider the next time your at the flyshop picking up some tippet. 


  1. Casey
    You just sold me on the Grand Max--I knew there was a relationship in dia/lb test line, but had no idea it was that much. thanks for sharing