Monday, May 27, 2013

Double Down on Green

Went back and fished the little creek that I got rained out on a few days ago. The water had cleared up and the fish were on the beds. I caught plenty of longear sunfish. I don't think there is a prettier fish in Texas waters  than a brightly colored longear. These guys don't get very big, 4-5" being average, but they fight great and make up for what they lack in size with brilliant colors. I also caught several green sunfish and some nice bluegill. It's always fun catching a variety of fish and seeing the hybridization that occurs when you have several different sunfish species residing in the same waters.      

I catch the majority of my longears on soft hackles.

Nice gill sitting pretty for the picture.

Caught many doubles of these greenies today.


  1. That first shot is killer!! The colors on that fish are amazing...

  2. thanks man, I'm surprised petshops don't carry these longears. They are just as colorful, and even more colorful than a lot of these tropical fish.

  3. Casey
    Of all the bluegill fish, I have to say that the "sunfish" your top photo --this is what we called it down south, is the most colorful. Thanks for sharing some colorful pic of some bluegills

  4. Very nice pictures! Them blue gills are a blast to catch big or small, I still can't work my fly rod yet due to injury and I'm too stubern to change hands and relearn the process LOL! Thank you for sharing, nice blog.

  5. thanks guys.

    Bill did the ads ever go away for you?