Tuesday, June 18, 2013

50 Miles Out

      Offshore flyfishing is about as fun as it can get. You never know what your going to catch or what is going to take your catch as a snack. I'm not talking about going out and trolling and bringing palegics into the teasers. Which, don't get me wrong, is on the bucket list for sure.

     Scott and I have made several trips offshore with Capt. Chip Meyers and have had some great days fishing rigs and shrimp boats 50+ miles in the Gulf of Mexico. Typical equipment is 10-12 weight rods with 500-700 grain sinking tips. You'll want lots of backing and a solid reel that can handle blistering runs from some of the fastest fish in the ocean. Lots of chum is involved and its not a matter of when the fish will show up but how many different species of fish will be showing up. Scott and I have caught a number of species including; kings, sharks, red snapper, bonitos and chicken dolphins (just a term given to juvenile dolphin/dorado/mahi mahi). We are headed offshore again this year and I'm hoping to get into some amberjack, more kings and hopefully some cobia. If you want to have some fun and take a flyrod where few have gone before, give bluewater flyfishing a try and watch your knuckles.

What your looking for. 

One of the best eating fish, coolest marked, and very aerobatic once hooked.  
What more could you ask for? 
Maybe a 50 lber

 Scott with one of many bonito caught that day

Great fighting fish

Scotts' chicken dolphin

Fun day with these guys

Scott and I doubled up

Snack time for Mr. Shark

 Damn! What happened to my fish.
Is this like when a cat leaves a mouse head on your door step?


  1. That looks badass. Do you have contact info for Capt. Chip? Google doesn't turn up anything.

  2. Unfortunately Capt Chip Meyers no longer guides. We will be going with Capt Steve Barnes this year. I have fished with Capt Barnes before so I can highly recommend him for your offshore needs. Look for the trip report with Capt Barnes in mid August. You can contact capt Barnes by his website http://txfishingguide.com/

    Make sure to let me know how you do if you end up making a trip.