Friday, June 28, 2013

Tarpon Time

Several years ago I made a trip down to Port Isabel, Texas to chase tarpon and snook. I fished with my buddy Jacob Reaves. We fished for 5 days and went 4 for 9 on the tarpon and 1 for 3 on the snook. We fished the Brownsville shipping channel for snook in the morning and then went out to the jetties in the afternoon looking for tarpon. I still remember the first morning out, we ran up into the shipping channel and shut the boat down on a little point. I started fishing while Jacob was getting everything situated in the boat. Within my first few cast a damn nice snook came up right at the boat and ate my swim bait. He turned diving to deeper water and doubled over my rod. It all happened so quick and then the next thing I know the swim bait comes flying out of the snooks mouth. It was all over just as quickly as it started. Not sure exactly how big this fish was but he was surely over 10lbs maybe in the mid teens. Defiantly a  fish that makes you sick to your stomach because you didn't land him. Over the course of the remainder of the trip I lost another nice snook due to a poor hook set and finally landed one on the last day. Jacob worked hard to make sure I got a snook before the trip was over. We did really well on the tarpon and hooked several big fish that were fought hard till hooks or leaders broke. We caught 3 tarpon to 100 lbs and one that was roughly 150 lb fish on the last day. Not to many people land a Texas snook and Tarpon in one day. Hopefully in the near future I'll make another trip down there and chase these fish with the flyrod. Landing a Texas snook and Tarpon on the fly would be a great challenge. 

Caught several blacktips also. 

Tarpon kick ass

Another nice tarpon

A nice snook that I finally landed on the 5th day

An awesome tarpon also landed on the 5th day 

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