Saturday, June 1, 2013

Gang Green

The green sunfish, has a large mouth and a heavy, black bass body shape. The body is dark green, almost blue, dorsally, fading to lighter green on the sides, and yellow to white ventrally. Faint vertical bars are apparent on the sides.The green sunfish is a very versatile species, able to tolerate a wide range of environmental conditions, and tends to do very well when competition with other sunfish is minimal. Its ability to tolerate environmental extremes makes it ideal for survival where conditions are not stable, and it is often the first sunfish species to repopulate depleted areas. Green sunfish nest in shallow water colonies where nests are often closely packed.

This is what I had the pleasure if casting into this afternoon. The second the fly hit the water it was blitzed by a gang of greenies. I think greenies are the most aggressive species of the sunfish family.

I have no idea how many fish I caught,
but it was pretty much every cast.
 All lots of nice greenies. 

There are always lots of bass cruising the edges of the beds.  
Notice the belly on this guy.


  1. great post. I really dig green sunfish and bluegill action in the summer time. Keeps things going in between bass bites, well done.

  2. Casey
    This fish on the fly rod is a blast, I have landed numbers them this year. Thanks for the info on this special member of the bluegill family

  3. thanks guys. I have plans to try to get some video very soon.

  4. Warm water fishing on the fly is underrated out here in Colorado trout land....

  5. ya i bet so, but with all the great trout country yall have i can't blame em for it.