Monday, June 10, 2013

Panfish Flies; Tied By Matt Bennett

Matt Bennett ties some great flies. I was running low on some panfish flies and was in dire need of getting the fly box restocked. Matt works at Living Waters Fly Shop and he firmly believes fly-fishing and fly-tying go hand-in-hand.  Matt couldn't see himself just doing one or the other.  Proper material selection, hook style, and hackle color are a few things that keep him up at night.  Matt really gets into seeing the “whys” behind other tyers’ choices of materials in flies, and adapting the patterns to work on is home waters in the Texas Hill Country. I had Matt tie up some Rio Getters, that are suppose to be deadly in Rio Grande Cichlids. We don't have any Rios up here in Dallas, but look forward to using this nymphy fly the next time I am in New Braunfels visiting the in-laws. There are lots of Big Rios in the San Marcus River that are going to get their lip pierced by this fly. In the mean time it should be a great fly to use for bluegills, longears, green sunfish, warmouth, and red ear sunfish and all those other feisty fish that are referred to as panfish. He also tied me up some Wooly Buggers and some Llano Critters. The Llano Critters should be a great smallmouth fly and I look forward to using the next time I get to head up to the river. Matt also has a great blog you should check out; FLY GEEK. You can contact Matt through his Blog or at Living Waters Fly Shop if you want him to tie you up some flies. You wont be disappointed with his work. Looking forward to putting these flies to work this weekend.

The Groceries 

 The Rio Getter
This fly in a size 6-8 would be a great carp fly, IMHO.

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  1. I like Matt's flies. I tied up a few of his Llano Critter.