Monday, September 15, 2014

Alaska: Camp

Alaska: Camp
I completed my first leg of the trip, spending the night in Anchorage for todays travel.  Another sleepless night filled with the anticipation of what tomorrow will bring. The next morning I headed back to the airport for my flight out to Aniak which is an hour and a half west of Anchorage. From Anaik I meet Scott Rowekamp and we flew to Holly Cross. We reached Holly Cross in about 30-40 minute. On the flight to Holly cross we spotted several moose and also buzzed the house boat we would be calling camp for the next 5 days of our trip. From Holly Cross we took an hour and a half boat ride to the house boat.

Once we got to the house boat we had a quick lunch and got our gear together for a few hours of fishing before the sunset below the horizon.  We fished a couple spots near camp and I landed my first pike, a nice low 30” fish.

It wasn't long after I got a 41” fish, these Northern Pike we all fat and healthy and full of fight. These fish aren't drag screamers, they are bulldog fighters and they will slug it out to the end.

The day ended with me missing a couple other fish. The fish really seemed to like the red and yellow flies that I tied tied up using Blane Chockletts big game shanks to make some articulated bucktail patterns.

Here is a tip. Use electrical tape and wrap around the ferrules. This keeps the ferrules from wiggling loss while casting all day. The electrical tape will not leave a sticky residue.

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