Thursday, September 18, 2014

Alaska: Day 3

Today we started of chasing some sheefish. These fish somehow got the reputation of being the tarpon of the north. Ya, not sure how that came about. There a cool fish and I was glad to catch a few of them. When hooked they just kinda wallow and thrash around on the surface. Not much of a fight regarding them taking line or jumping. They are good eating and we fried a few up for dinner. After that we made another long run looking for pike. The fishing was pretty slow today. The wind was high and the fish seemed to be laying on the bottom sulking. We caught a few fish, but nothing to rite home about. But that is how it goes, its fishing not grocery shopping. 

An average size Sheefish. 

Nice low 40" Pike.

This has been the average size Pike we have 
been catching, great fighting fish.

A couple moose spotted. 

Ben and I with a nice low 40" fish.

Evening Rainbow.  

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  1. Hey Casey
    What's up with the guide in every picture, is he going to let you have a picture of yourself with a pike?
    Looks like a great trip!