Sunday, September 21, 2014

Alaska: Recap

After a full day of travel to get back to Dallas I had a lot of time to reflect on the trip. First I'd like to thank my wife for always giving me the freedom to pursue my fishing passion. I am very grateful to have such a great wife and mother to our daughter in my life.

The whole trip was great and I would like to thank the whole Midnight Sun crew for putting together such a great trip and doing whatever it took to make sure their customers have a trip of a lifetime. I would say I was probably their easiest customer this year, haha. The accommodation, the meals, the scenery and the fishing were all superb. If you are a pike fisherman you defiantly owe it to yourself to check out Midnight Sun Trophy Pike Adventures. This trip was by far the best freshwater trip I have ever been on. If you have never had the opportunity to chase pike you should take a serious look into it because they are a great game fish. They hit a fly with such tenacity that a lot of times we would get them to the boat and they weren't even hooked, they just had a gator hold on your fly and would't let go. The whole trip, from getting to the lodge, the wildlife, the crew is what made this experience a trip I will never forget.

Before Pike

After Pike

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