Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Alaska: Day 2

What a great day of fishing. The fish were mad today, they where hitting out flies with bad intentions. It wouldn't be an over estimate to say we boated 100 pike today with 15 fish over 40" not to mention a lot of very fat  mid 30 inch fish that fought like crazy. We fished close to the house boat today so no long boat rides and lots of time fishing. I brought 2 rods with me the TFO TICR X 9wt and the TFO Mini Mag 8-10wt. I was really liking the way the Mini Mag was handling these pike. One thing these fish do like to do is dive under the boat. It wasn't much of an issue until we decided to take the below picture. The fish flopped out of the hands of Ben and went straight under the boat. I didn't have enough line out and Ben was between me and the gunwale and I couldn't get the rod over the side of the boat. needless to say the rod snapped. Good thing TFO has a great warranty. The fishing was so good I hardly took any photos. We were catching fish hand over fist and the camera just didn't come out much.

Beautiful sunrise. 

Ben and I with a nice 43" fish. 

Bald Eagle.

 Not much left on this fly.

Typical scenery. 

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