Saturday, September 13, 2014

Alaska: Day of Travel

Alaska: Day of Travel

Not much to report today. Went down to Tailwaters FlyShop to pick up the satellite phone so I could stay in touch with the family while I was gone. Picked up some magazines to help the 7hr flight from Dallas to Anchorage go by. I had lunch with the family and then they took me to the airport for my departure. The flight wasn't all that bad, thankfully I had an aisle seat and no one was sitting next to me, which was the only open seat on the plane. The only thing worth reporting was a conversation I had with the older gentleman that had the window seat. This was his first trip to Alaska also, he was coming to Alaska with some friends for a cruise. As the conversation continued he talked about how he and his wife always talked about visiting Alaska. The trip was put off till they retired. Unfortunately his wife passed before they could ever make the trip together. That really struck home with me because I always try to live my life knowing there is no guarantee that tomorrow will come. I spent the night in a motel in Anchorage and have an early departure to Aniak in the morning. 

A great Dallas based fly shop

Midnight sun post a weekly fishing report on their facebook page, the below number are the week before my trip. Hearing reports like this resulted in to much anticipation to my trip the next week and to many sleepless nights.
This weeks numbers:
40"-44" - 28
45"-46" - 4
47" - 49" 3
50" - 1FFF

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