Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Alaska: Day 1

We made a 2 hour boat ride to one of the far lakes this morning. The winds were light so we had a smooth ride up river to the lakes we had planned to fish. The boat ride was a little chilly with the air temp being in the forties this morning. The fish didn't didn't mind and the fishing was great. We caught a lot of smaller pike in the 20 to low 30 inch range. I really have no idea how many fish we caught but they shredded several flies. Pike have 702 razor sharp teeth in their mouths and will tear flies up rather quickly. My big fish of the day was a nice 43” fish that took a red and yellow bucktail pattern. Doug caught the big fish of the day, a nice 47” fish that was as big around as your thigh. All in all I think we ended the day with 8 fish over the 40 inch mark. The fishing was very consistent with no real lags in the fishing. 

Action shot of Dougs 47" fish.

Love the under bite of these fish. 

A curious black bear. The wildlife doesn't
see much human traffic here.  

Check out the pectoral fins. 

Gator Pike 

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